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Hi liv,

just saw your show at infinity hall. It was great fun to spend some time with you at our table before your concert! Also, it was nice to finally share my memories of our Hotchkiss concert with you (nov. of 1972) . Being your opening act (along with my collaborator Peter Hennes) was, for me, one of the highlights of that period.

Tonight was all about your great sound, great playing and entertaining the hell out of the evening! thanks.

… and I hope to get some pointers from your book!

all the best,

john way

john way (hartford,ct) - June 5, 2015

I saw you at the Bull Run in Shirley last night 3/27/15.
Liv, you sound as good as you did when I was young. This time I brought my daughter and she is now a Livingston Taylor fan. I wish I could have brought my grandson. He thinks his guitar playing is awful because he doesn’t sound like a rock star.
Your easy, mild, approach to music would have inspired him I am sure. Thank you Liv.

Karen McNaughton (United States) - March 28, 2015

25 years ago you did a show at Fordham University in the Bronx when I was a sophomore. Your latest release “Life Is Good” had practically worn my stereo needle out – I loved it so much. At the concert it was so wonderful to meet you! I have seen you do interviews about how you prefer smaller, intimate venues so that you can be a musician that really can connect and interact with his fans. You are so amazing at that! Thank you for giving me a night I remember like it was yesterday….25 years later.

Caroline Kilduff (Hicksville, NY) - March 19, 2015

Saw you at the Iron Horse on Friday, We had such an enjoyable evening! What a perfect night. Thank you! Sending a big hug to you!

Wendy Skillman (Monson, Ma) - January 11, 2015

Fabulous performance tonight! Haven’t seen you in a few years but your artistry and precision are just a tremendous pleasure. “On the street where you live” and “grandmas hands” were so pure and wonderful. Thank you. Always wanted the chance to say too, that I’ve always felt Loving Arms is among the greatest duets ever recorded!

Todd (Yorktown NY) - September 20, 2014

It was 6:30pm and I was over an hour late leaving my hospital job in Boston. I wanted so much to leave the pressures of the past months and take myself to your concert in Rockport but I was so late and the traffic was intense and part of the way there I realized I had left my ticket in my locker. My mind was telling me just to forget it and go home rather than arrive late with no ticket, no dinner, no shower, no idea where to park when I got there. But something unnameable urged me forward. It was strange how car-filled lanes began to open right in front of me. I only knew to not listen to my thinking mind and keep moving. I arrived in Rockport and found a parking space in front of the theater. The staff printed me a new ticket and they led me to my seat in the front row. When you came out on stage, I surrendered to the most amazing bliss I have ever experienced in a concert. Your voice, your tapping foot, your storytelling, your very presence opened my heart. Then Matt and Meghan just added to my joy. It was so great to see you all doing what you love. Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much for loving us, and for letting us love you.

Lisa (Winthrop, MA) - July 4, 2014

Thanks so much for creating music that I have enjoyed for over 40 yrs! I’ve never had the opportunity to see you live but you’ve performed in my own living room via my stereo countless times. What a pleasure it is listening to you. I just purchased Blue Skies and eagerly await it’s arrival. Thank you, Liv, for sharing your gift of song.

Robert Brittenham (Albuquerque, NM) - May 24, 2014

Saw you tonight and it was magical. We were so thrilled, a we’re a family who are very much into Broadway musicals, to hear you recite the lyrics to so many of our favorites. What a wonderful part of your performance tonight. Our son has been building a theater program over the past 10 years and has just been ranked at one of the top 10 High School Theater Arts Program in the Nation….he would have LOVED tonight’s performance! I can’t wait to share what you did. Wish he had been able to join us but is busy working with his students for award show performances.
THE BEST song all night for me was “Answer my Prayer”. As a late stage ovarian cancer survivor the song just hit me so hard. I thought it was on your new CD but I didn’t see it. So, I stood in line to ask you what CD it was on as the woman selling the CD’s didn’t know. You kindly stopped what you were doing to ask if the CD it was on was there and I was so sad you were out of them. I am going to make it my go to gift when others call me to ask for my support as they make their journey through the race to beat cancer. Thank you for the beauty and sentiment expressed in that lovely song. (Oh my, tears are coming just thinking about it). Wonderful, wonderful lyrics. Thank you for the many years of pleasure you have brought our entire family. With great appreciation for your talents and passion, juie Johnson.
P.S. I have contacted you several time throughout the years asking when you would come to SoCal. So thrilled you came and hope to see you more often. We even considered driving up to Santa Barbara tomorrow but our sons students will receive their senior awards tomorrow night and he does this wonderful time of affirmation that we just can’t miss. Geez, he would have just love hearing you tonight.

Julie Johnson (200 Lido Place Fullerton, CA 92835) - May 15, 2014

We wanted to thank you for an outstanding concert Friday night at Steel City. At that intimate venue, we were able to enjoy even more what makes you a consummate performer. The connection that you make with your audience is amazing and if that can be taught, your students are very fortunate. We hope to see you again soon, and thanks.

Cocco Burton (Valley Forge, Pa) - March 31, 2014

I was blessed to see your performance and meet you at APAPNY a couple of weeks ago. I was honored in many ways that evening, including with a copy of your book, Stage Performance. I couldn’t put it down and have not been so moved by anything I have read in an incredibly long time. I learned so much and didn’t want the book to end, just as with your performance. You are a blessing to those whose lives you touch. Incredible inspiration. Thank-you for your vulnerability and heart you put into your musical life.

Kathy Mullen

Kathy Mullen (IOWA ) - January 25, 2014

You appeared at the Manship Theater in Baton Rouge many Alaska moon’s ago. This was the best concert I have been to since I saw the Beatles when I was 11years old on a school night. I appreciated that you were so personable to everyone especially me. Greatest performer ever!
Thank you.

Alison Schenk (New Orleans Louisiana) - July 6, 2013

Liv! Saw you @ the Performing Arts Center in Monroe WI! Still on a natural high from your performance -was excellent! What a perfect closing as we softly sang w/you “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”…as it thundered & rained upon the roof! Your new CD: Last Alaska Moon-is beautiful! Thanks again, Betsy / Your Groupy fan
PS: Thank you to your signif-other for inviting me to sit upfront w/her. I was grateful but declined because I’m a fan that likes to whistle loudly to show appreciation versus clapping softly. :c) Keep up the beautiful song-writing Liv! We appreciate you!

Betsy (Monroe, WI) - July 5, 2013

Your concert last night was just delightful. I sit listening to your CD I got there.. still on a high from last night! So fun to have a few words with you afterward (and photo!)

jane dennison (granville, ohio) - June 4, 2013

Thanks for the wonderful concert this past weekend at First Flight High in Kill Devil Hills. I find your music uplifting and your performances recharge me.Especially appreciated you signing my
CD once you found a sharpie :)!

Phyllis Errico (Mechanicsville VA) - April 1, 2013

So, so, so looking forward to seeing you at the Woodstock Fair! Its been way too long!

Nancy Chambers (Hampton CT) - August 17, 2012

“Stage Performance” is the best business book I’ve ever read. I’m not a musician, but I depend on my customers every bit as much as performers depend on their audiences. Liv’s wisdom is deep and true and pure gold.

Bill (Nobleboro, ME) - August 14, 2012

Hello :), nice page which you have here, you are emphatically making extraordinary knowledge by your vision of this subject.

I´m Ane, I´m presently living in Paris, I adore reading as well as tv shows, and I also play a lot Muse on my bedroom.

Any remarkable content like this has to be praised so you don´t have to thank me….

I make articles in many places and that is what I´m working at the moment, lol!:) and that was the reason I visited here…to find ideas.

I forgot to tell, I was raised In Panama from there it started my ceptical behaviour, an my nickname related to poker!!!!:)

Like the poet has said “Negativity and positivity is a debatable issue which could go either way”

Bye to you all, See you guys tomorrow

Poker Sin Depósito Bonos Teresa - July 9, 2012

Hi Liv,

Do you remember the Rainbow birthday party for you at Spirit Square in Charlotte ? Such a beautiful concert , wonderful memories .

Becky Frazier (Seagrove, North Carolina) - July 7, 2012

I’m still in the early pages of your Stage Performance book, which was recommended to me by a good friend. Thank you for sharing your years of experience and teaching. The instruction is excellent – an engaging presentation of very practical advice. I’m struck by how everything important in life ultimately points to relationships, which music performance cultivates in such a beautiful way. All the best for 2012!

Tim Crabb (Columbus, Georgia) - January 9, 2012

Hi Livingston,
I am a fiddle player / singer-songwriter here in Oklahoma City in a duo called Local Honey.
I couldn’t sleep last night, and your book kept me company. Thanks for putting it out there. I learned a lot: about being still, being simple, being in rhythm, and being the designated driver for the audience-that last is my favorite. I will remember these things and recommend Stage Performance to my fellows.
Much Love,

Minna Biggs (Oklahoma City) - November 14, 2011

I’ve seen you perform in Tanglewood, Boston Garden(opening for Jethro Tull) in 75-’76 and in Blairstown, NJ last week. The concert with Tull was impossible -an memorably rowdy and chemically enhanced crowd.I thought you were crazy-brave and I dont think Im alone when i say I liked you more because of this event.
Coincidentally, I saw Ian Anderson @ the Wellmont in Montclair this year also.He is now a mellow, storytelling Ian Anderson, and the audience behaved. You could have switched the crowd with your concert.Maybe he could open for you sometime.
I enjoyed very much seeing you perform again.

Jodiel Luker (Blairstown , NJ) - October 27, 2011

Hey Liv,
Well another fantastic concert in Colorado. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the fantastic scenery. That place was beautiful. Your music is means a lot to me.

Thank you so much.
I hope to you see you again.

Maya Block (Palo Alto California) - September 4, 2011

It was great to see you in Norwich, VT tonight and also great to see the expressions in the audience when you did the Guitar Olympics – they were all aware that there was an Olympic Gold Medalist (free style skier) sitting in her chair enjoying every note and commentary.
Life is good.

Joseph from Waterworks (Hanover NH) - August 11, 2011

Had the honor of seeing you a couple of months ago in Phoenixville, PA.

Life has been tough for me lately. You made me laugh, soar and spark with joy for the first time in awhile.

Thanks so much for all of that Liv. You are a wonder.
From a 60yr OLDDDDD lady

Ann Scott

Ann Scott (Mohrsville, PA) - June 1, 2011

Liv, thanks for letting me sing “City Lights” with you last night in Kingston. It was on my bucket list for some time.
Great many of my friends said they so enjoyed your concert. You are the master!
Can’t wait to get your Stage Performance book when it is reprinted. Enjoyed our conversation about our students and the burdens our next generation must bear. Sure got me thinking.
All the best,
Bill “Liam” Alberti
(Kingston, MA -May 15, 2011)

Bill Alberti (Kingston, MA) - May 15, 2011

Thank you so much for the wonderful concert in Henderson Nevada on Saturday night. It was so fun seeing you around the casino.
I always enjoy listening to your music. Thank you!
Maya Block

maya block (palo alto California) - April 11, 2011

Loved the show in Scituate.. a wonderful venue for you to play at. My daughters and I had front row seats. It was as if he was just playing all his songs just for us. We picked up the new cd and it’s playing now thru dinner. Thank you Liv for a great time.
Katie, Anna and Kyra

Katie (Stoughton MA) - March 28, 2011

Hey Liv,

Greetings from Hendersonville in the mtns of western NC. You did a concert here a few years ago. Any chance you will be back in our are sometime soon? We’d love to see you again.

We are loving you last cd…terrific!


Ken and Susan

Ken & Susan Swayze (Hendersonville, NC) - March 27, 2011

Can’t wait to see ya in Bayshore! Hope all is well……’re curly-haired freckled face buddy:)

LJ Flynn (Massapequa Park) - February 26, 2011

Awesome!! What else can I say? At 67, awesome isn’t something that happens too often any more, new experiences now having to compete with everything that’s gone before. But last night at St. Joseph’s in West Hartford, your performance was magical.

I was transfixed for the entire 3 hours or whatever it was….your masterful poetry about love delivered with love. The mood, the agape, was palpable….Spirit to spirit…..It’s hard to put it into words, but if I we had those words we wouldn’t need the music.

I’ve seen you twice before over the past 25 years or so, once at the Blue Mt. Lake Art Center, NY and once at Asnuntuck Community College in Enfield, CT. Your music didn’t have quite the impact on me then that it did last night. I didn’t just hear music and lyrics; I experienced Livingston Taylor. Either you’re getting better or I am…..or both.

Peace, Bill Holley
[the guy in the front row with “TB”]

Bill Holley (Ellington, CT) - February 12, 2011

Again, it was such a complete pleasure to spend this evening watching/listening to you entertain us all.
Thank you for signing my “STAGE PERFORMANCE” book and the “Life is Good” CD~
I am hoping that we will indeed meet and sing together at the Vineyard this summer. I have dreamt of singing with you for years. You are authentic and rich and I learn so much studying your genuine essence.

Please check out the band I work with (THE JON BATES BAND… We work at the vineyeard every summer. My website again is
Eddie and I look forward to your next performance…soon I hope.

All the best,
Deb Major

Debbie Major (Montgomery, NY) - January 15, 2011

I was watching a Fred Astaire film the other night and realized that he reminds me of you–you both possess a distinctive way of projecting the lyricism of a song, not to mention a jaunty, charming style and wry sense of humor. In short, you both have soul! Wouldn’t it be fun for you to do a recording of your very favorite show tunes? I can just envision you in your tuxedo performing them in an elegant cabaret setting…Happy New Year, Liv!

Beanie B. (Somewhere Over the Rainbow) - January 11, 2011

Mr. Taylor,
At the age of 22, I found my soul mate and “our song” was “I Will Be In Love With You”. I lost her about this time of year some 20+ years ago. Last night I was up later than normal due to school being closed for weather and I caught a PBS “Master Class” with Livingston Taylor! I heard the song, “There You Are Again” for the first time. It is no coincidence that you composed the song that says what I’ve been living. Thank you for taking what you do, seriously, AND for sticking with lyrics you think are bad! (“In the rustling leaves of a summer storm”) Without going into detail, they mean the world to me.
God Bless You

Mark Butler

Mark Butler (Holdrege, NE) - January 10, 2011

Dear Liv,

Happy belated birthday!! Hope it was good one. We miss you here in the Capital District, but as I look back at my year, seeing you at Troy Music Hall (should have backed you into that cubby!! haha,) singing along with you at the Cafe Lena brought me such joy! The ultimate of course was getting to sing “City Lights” and “Loving Arms” with you at Revolution Hall, the highlight of my 50th year!! Happy Holidays and hope to see you soon, your dear friend, “Love that Ellen”….
(Can’t get Last Alaska Moon off my rotation)

Ellen Cowieson (Green Island, NY) - December 3, 2010

I saw you for the first time a week ago on our local PBS station. I lost my piano to water damage back in 1992 and along with it my passion to play. There was something in your face when you played that I too remember feeling. Making love with 88 keys can do many things with a person’s heart. Thank you…..

Joyce (Somerset, Ky) - November 30, 2010

I was going to bed, rather late this evening, while I happened to channel surf to WCNY public television.

You were speaking to your audience. Your talk held my attention and to my surprise, I learned that there was someone named Livingston Taylor who is talented musicly and very captivating. I remarked outloud, “This man would be a wonderful teacher.” Before retiring to bed, I thought it best to perform a quick internet search and book mark the location of your music. To my surprise, I read that you are in fact a professor of music.

Happily, I now have the information in which to pursue your wonderful music.

Thank you for being you and for sharing a part of yourself with the world.

Good night, Livingston.

Michele Golombek Cook (Rome, NY) - November 30, 2010

You have a wonderful website.

Dennis Daryl Shamblin (Weatherford Oklahoma) - November 23, 2010


Just wanted to say that I’ve heard many many versions of “Walking My Baby Back Home,” including Nick Lucas, Nat King Cole, your brother, etc., and after all those, your version from “Snapshot” remains my favorite, hands down. It is always a treat to hear you play it live! The earlier performers are great, too, and I can see why you liked them, but I really appreciate what you do with the song.

Clint (Lexington, KY) - October 31, 2010

I am so glad that my friend and I had that wonderful experience at the Berkeley concert. You are truly an inspiration. Your music has helped me get through numerous rough times. My hope is that you will come to california.
The most memorable experience for me is how warm and friendly you are with people. Thank you!

Maya Block

Maya Block (los altos california) - October 31, 2010

Hi Liv,
We so enjoyed your concert in East Hampton over Labor Day. My husband and brother and I could not wait to see you…Last time[believe it or not] was many,many years ago in a little place called “My Father’s Place” in Roslyn,NY. You were wonderful and so generous with your time after the show.
You were amazing in East Hampton,it was as if we were seeing a Broadway show,musical concert all in one-Your stories were hysterical and up lifting. That said,and please understand,this is not criticism, more,friendly comments of so many of your fans…we still do love to hear the “old Stuff”-Lost In The Love Of You,Carolina Day,I will be in love with you,That’s why I’m here…the list is long and I realize that you have new & diffent tunes you want to share-but this is the truth,we left feeling a little sad,not hearing the most wonderful memories and beautiful songs of the past,kind of why we fell in love with you. I truly believe I speak for many. We saw Marc Cohen a year ago in Amagansett,and he did not want to play his “old” stuff-the audience loved the “new” ones,but did not let him leave without singing the old-You go to a concert,to hear both. Sorry,I had to tell you!
Good Luck in the coming year,and we will see you again.
Linda & Jack Accardi
10 Hampton Lane

Linda Carol Accardi (East Hampton,NY) - October 7, 2010

Thank for the great show at the New Hope, PA Winery. We enjoyed it very much. And nice of you to come here where you are across the street from us.

Janet, Gardner’s Antiques

Janet (New Hope, PA) - September 30, 2010

I went to your concert in Berkley with my dear friend Maya. She had heard your music in concert before, and really like it. The concert in Berkley, California on August 13th was absolutely fabulous. Then getting the to talk with you after the concert was really wonderful. I hope to see you soon. Thank you for a wonderful evening. I know Maya really enjoyed it very much and would love to see you again.

Ralph Houghton (San Jose, California) - September 28, 2010

I have been playing music for 50 years and enjoyed the concert in Berkley on August 13th the most in a very long time. I am not a professional muscian but enjoy it very much. I was there with my friend Maya Block. We sat in the front row on the piano side of the stage and we both enjoyed the concert very much. We are looking forward to your next concert in California. Your showmanship was superb and we thoroughly enjoyed your choice of pieces that you performed.

Ralph Houghton (San Jose) - August 27, 2010

Dear Liv,

Every song on “Last Alaska Moon” is fantastic. I can “see” your smile when I hear your voice. Singing with you the 10 or so times I have over the past 20 years (Lake Forest College, Old Town School of Folk Music, Raue Center for the Arts…all in Illinois….and at the Avalon in Easton, Maryland) have been a highlight in my life. Listening to your lyrics and melodies are part of who I am. You’re the best. If I wasn’t happily married, I’d love to “answer your prayer.”

Your friend & fan, Marni Foderaro (IL)

Marni Foderaro (Fox River Grove, IL) - August 27, 2010

I love your music. This is the second time I have met you. Each time I meet you I always walk away hoping to meet you again. You are an inspiration.
Thank you for talking after the concert in Berkeley,


maya block (los altos ca) - August 23, 2010

I am the silver haired lady you spoke with (about teaching and gatekeepers), before the concert at Swallow Hill last Saturday. Just want you to know how much I enjoyed chatting with you and also how much my husband and I, and our friends, enjoyed your concert! I smiled through the whole performance. It is a rare performer who can bring that much joy–you could see it on everyone’s face. And the music was wonderful. I love your song writing and your presentation! Your final song, Grandma’s Hands I believe it was called, done a cappella, was magical. Thank you for a wonderful evening (by the way it was our 40th wedding anniversary). I will be anxious to hear what decision you make about taking the Chair position. The Berklee (and Harvard) students are lucky to have you as a professor! I really look forward to seeing you in concert again soon.
Sincerely, Kate Baldwin

Katharine (Kate) Baldwin (Denver, CO) - August 23, 2010

Thank you so much for a wonderful concert in Berkeley. You are incredible. I have been listening to your music in the car. This concert will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope that you come back to California. It was great seeing you again. Look forward to seeing you again.

Maya Block (palo alto ca) - August 16, 2010

Thank you for a wonderful show Friday night in Berkeley. It was great seeing you again. I look forward to seeing you again.

maya Block (palo alto ca) - August 15, 2010

Thank you for such an amazing concert last night in Berkeley. I am greatful being able to meet you. You are mesmorizing.
Looking forward to seeing you again,

maya block (palo alto ca) - August 14, 2010

Thank you for a beautiful concert tonight @ South Park. Couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better show. Thank you for all those “pop” songs and I especially loved the folk song about the railroadman and the cat stuck up in the tree! Come back to the ‘Burgh soon!

Lynn Sestili (West Mifflin, Pennsylvania) - August 6, 2010

Hello , Liv – As I read the Nice Friendly Comments, others left here … I thought that You sound like an amazingly talented Super Wonderful ” NICE “and Sweet Person ! You must be quite a Phenomenom ! I hope you feel right at Home , when you visit S. Park Amphitheater on August 6th in southwestern Pennsylvania ! This Note :
>>> is Pre-Welcoming You to Allegheny County, we can’t WAIT to See and Hear you perform and Joke Around , we’re already excited , we’re smiling

: 0 )
anticipating your arrival in PA .
God Bless You , Dear Kind , Genuinely Endearing
Liv , Happy Travels To YOU ! SEE YOU SOON !
WE love You and GOD does – TOO !

Bella BonnyBrooke - August 1, 2010

Hi Liv,

I really enjoyed your concert with Kate at The Tabernacle. I appreciate your kind remarks
after the show while you were packing up the CD’s.
I like how you keep time tapping your toe and I also like your creative jazzy chord changes that included some triplet notes.Well, take care and have a Happy summer.
(978) 987-0562-cell

Eric "Ricky" Wilcox (Billerica, MA.) - July 19, 2010

Hey Liv, we are big fans, have all your recent cds and try to see you whenever you are in our area.

I looked at your tour info and don’t see anything in our maountains here. Any chance you might be coming to Western Nc or the upstate of SC?

We are looking forward to your next concert in our area! By the way, Last Alaska Moon is an outstanding cd! Ken

Ken Swayze (Hendersonville, nC) - June 26, 2010


My husband and I saw your show last night in Cedarburg. Fantastic. I am listening to my new CD’s today and enjoying you all over again.

Thanks for getting my CD’s unwrapped in 2 seconds flat :-) Look forward to seeing you again!!!

Sandy Sell (Milwaukee, WI) - May 15, 2010

Hey, Livingston, remember me? I used to be married to that rascal, Andy Breckman……I miss seeing you!

I have just released a CD of my own — better late than never, that’s what I figure. If you’d like, I’d be happy to send you a copy, or lead you to my website.

How’s your air travel? How everything??

And, most important: Am I allowed to contact you if I’m not still married to Andy? (joke) (dumb joke) (you’d be surprised how dumb I can be)

Hugs from

Mary MacGowan (Breckman) (Traverse City, MI) - March 23, 2010

JsZX9G Thank you for the material. Do you mind if I posted it in her blog, of course, with reference to your site?

Cialis - March 3, 2010

Hi Liv:

I forgot what preamp/DI you use with your Taylor Guitar. It was on your FAQ’s with the old web site, but your new one does not have it. Thank you. Greg

Greg Otash (Florida) - January 26, 2010

I met you at the Hope for Haiti Help from Boston event at the Reggie Lewis Center on 1/22/10. I was humbled to perform w/you. You brought me to tears singing Amazing Grace and Somewhere Over the Rainbow! I can go on and on, but won’t. Thank you!..Now, back to thinking of Ella!

Sayida (Sy-ee-dah)singer

Sayida (Medford, MA) - January 23, 2010

I am so excited to see you are coming to Chicago! We are rounding up people to see you on January 24th! Let’s hope for “nice” weather.

Fran Collord (Chicago Area) - January 12, 2010

Livingston Taylor at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA, continues to be a wonderful New Years Holiday tradition.

I was fortunate enough to see both shows this year. Opening for Liv was a dynamite young singer named Seth Glier. I can’t say enough good things about him (he was THAT good!!!!). Also joining Liv in song was a dear friend of his (and Northampton local), Leah Kunkle. A talented lady indeed!

One of the many highlights for me was when Livingston had the entire audience join him in singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.

Thank you so much Liv, for a thoroughly entertaining 2 evenings!!! And for signing a copy of your “Last Alaska Moon” cd for me.

Like all of your many fans, I wish for you a great 2010!!!! See you next New Years weekend at the’Horse.

Ken (Mansfield, MA) - January 3, 2010


I just posted a note on Facebook for you, but I failed to mention how nice the new website looks! Sorry that I missed you in Glen Allen, but work has a way of making that happen sometimes. Hope to catch up with you when I get back to the DC area in the not-too-distant future. Happy New Year and stay well!

Len Jaffe (Richmond, VA (for now)) - December 25, 2009

Liv, my wife cathy&I were at Skullers for your
recent show and enjoyed both the venue and sharing
an evening with you in concert.We also saw you play at the narrows benefit for MVY radio.We
thank you for the wonderful time at both events.
Last Alaskan Moon is great listening. At the meet and greet after the Skullers show, Cathy told you she was inspired by your music. I agree!
Would like to check out the Saratoga springs setting if schedules allow.Merry Christmas B&C

robert carreiro (fairhaven ma usa) - December 15, 2009


saw your show in Glen Allen, VA Dec. 9th, Wednesday, loved it. I’ve seen you three times now, and you keep getting better(so don’t retire!)

Last Alaska Moon is your best work, or at least way up there, I love everything on there, very, very nice…..and it is neat that you made Never Lose Hope selection #7-Lucky 7. I love the rendition of “The Girl is Mine”, fantastic…..Thanks Liv, rock on and have a great holiday!!!

Lou Nordeen, DPM (Mechanicsville, VA) - December 14, 2009

Any raves on the 12/9 show in Glen Allen, VA? I was so mad I had to miss it and was only 10 miles away! I need some vicarious guitar and banjo endorphins.

Liv – I’ll be sure to make it up to Wolftrap in April. Hopefully I’ll catch you sneaking around before the show!

Pete F. (Hanover, VA) - December 11, 2009

Great to see you at Matt’s wedding. Driving down to see your show in Sanibel!
KC (YA YA) and Capt Buddy

Karen and Buddy Harrison - November 28, 2009

Sir;) John & I thank you so much, for singing the song we got married to. Fab concert… with your pupil 20 y/o Seth Glier! Happy Birthday again & Happy Thanksgiving!

Cynthia (Chatham, NJ) - November 25, 2009

Hope you have a great birthday and a wonderful year full of health and happiness!

Fran Collord (Illinois) - November 21, 2009

Your concerts have always been worth driving miles to. I have seen you 2x: at William Paterson U a while back now and then at the Sanctuary Concert in 2007. During the intermission of the latter, we briefly spoke where I expressed hope in listening to a favorite song, “I Will Always Be In Love With You” to which you exclaimed, “I love that song”. I was a bit disappointed that you didn’t play it, perhaps you already had a set list of songs. Instead, you sang a heartfelt version of Over the Rainbow…and, thank you for thinking of me then. That was the 1st concert my then fiance and I saw together. In your next concert at the Sanctuary on Saturday, I do hope you will include the favorite song in your list. After all, wasn’t that a best selling single at that time? My hubby will be coming up from Florida to see you… I can’t wait!

Cynthia (Chatham, NJ) - November 14, 2009

We love your new website.

Fred (Naples, FL) - November 13, 2009

Hi liv,

I discovered your music in college a little over 30 years ago and have since acquired everything you’ve put out there. You still remain one of my go-to artists for listening pleasure! I try to catch you in concert whenever I can–we even did a short impromptu duet when you were playing at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago back in the late 80’s.

I just finished listening to the samples of your new CD (and am jealous that it appears to have been available in the UK since at least February, from reading other posts to the guestbook) The songs sound absolutely amazing and I’m sure it will be in heavy rotation on my iPod. I can hardly wait to get my copy and will be ordering today before I leave the site.

Keep making your wonderful music, and know that you’ve certainly had an influence on this person’s life…

Nancy McCoy (Vancouver, WA) - November 12, 2009

Boy an old Easterner would love to hear you play at Red Butte Gardens in SLC next summer. Great Venue! Great People!

Mary lane Grisley (Salt Lake City Ut) - October 3, 2009

I wish you’d make the trip to Toronto – I’m sure your show is wonderful! As it is, I’ll just have to make due with your CD :)
Love your music and style.

Laura Wilson (Toronto ON) - October 3, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS on the completion of ‘Last Alaska Moon’!! Love that song and am anxiously awaiting the CD. Sounds like it will be available for purchase by the time I see you in December. Great news!!

Ann ( VA) - October 3, 2009

Hi Livingston, a group of us see you every year at The Iron Horse and now are so thrilled you will be coming to our school in Hardwick Mass in October. One of us, Joanne Cuddyback always says how she would love to sing “City Lights” with you. Seeing you in Hardwick will certainly be awesome for her, but if she was to sing with you that night, it would be so great. Please consider asking her to sing with you. Thanks.

Michael Richard (Worcester MA) - September 26, 2009

can’t wait to see you at city winery!

LJ (massapequa park ny) - September 22, 2009

Liv, Thanks for the great show on Friday night at the Ram’s Head in Annapolis. The new songs sounded great and we look forward to hearing the new album soon. Hope to see you again at Wolf Trap in the Spring.

Woody & Sarah Adams (Deale Md.) - September 21, 2009

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Cultural Center in Hardwick on October 11th. You’re a perfect fit for our theatre and country setting. See ya soon! Jeff

Jeff Myra (Hardwick MA) - September 21, 2009

You were so wonderful tonight in Annapolis. Always a great show and I still laugh until my cheeks hurt!
‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ was so fine…such absolute beauty. Your yearly show in Annapolis is one of my favorite traditions in this life! Thank you for still stopping by. I love you!

Bernadette Baroody (baltimore md) - September 19, 2009

Diane and I really enjoyed the concert you gave last night in Greenville, SC. What a wonderful evening, despite a little bit of rain! The music was incredible, and your show was one of the most entertaining we have seen. And on top of all that, you are just a genuinely nice man. It was a pleasure to meet you (thanks for signing my album!) and to hear your music. Best of luck with the new CD.

David Richardson (Simpsonville SC) - September 13, 2009

Nice show in Greenville S.C. last night. As usual, your patience, good nature and humility were in evidence as you walked through the crowd, waiting out a rain delay, chatting with fans, posing with them for pictures. You always have my heart before you open your mouth. And then you start to sing.
Thanks for coming back down South. Your visits are too few and far between, and the hour drive was well worth the pleasure of your company.

Linda Hynson (Asheville) - September 13, 2009

It’s been way too long since you’ve been in the Michigan area. Would just love to see you at the Ark in Ann Arbor……again!!!! Any chance of that happening in the near future????

Nancy Gehringer (Madison Heights Mi) - September 4, 2009

Received the CD “There you are again”…great CD! Oh yea..put it on my Ipod and ready to go. Can’t wait to see you in concert.

Chet Cohron (Madison MS) - August 29, 2009

you’re amazing. i saw you in person and you were signing my cd and my mom said “future singer and performer.” and you asked me if i played guitar or piano and i said no. and u said you have to get one. so i did and i can play. i love your music! your a talented performer and your fun to watch. i hope one day ill be like you. i want you to hear me sing or hear my voice. if you can do something so i can show you what im capable of that would be great. you have my email please email me back.

Elyssa Regan (lowell ma) - August 29, 2009

Your concert at the Boothbay Harbor Opera House was outstanding; so entertaining and so much fun. We’ve been re-living it every time we play your new CD, There You Are Again. Thanks for coming to Maine!

Judy McKenna (Boothbay Harbor ME) - August 29, 2009

Hey Livingston! Why don’t you come out to Champaign Illinois to the Virginia Theatre? Kottke comes here.

Daniel Daugherty (Clinton IL) - August 21, 2009

You were truly memorable at the Tabernacle! What an enjoyable summer experience that you provided us all with. Your voice is magical and soothing. It rocks back and forth like the waves up against a boat. We also loved Liz! I have no doubt that she will be playing on the radio some day soon. Thanks for a great night!

Gina Helm (Smithfield RI) - August 17, 2009

I’m really happy that you’re returning to Eddie’s Attic!<

Claudia (November GA) - August 16, 2009

Once again this year, we loved your concert last Saturday at the Boothbay Opera House! It’s one of our favorite summer events. My son particularly appreciated your kind words to him at the end of your show! We hope to see you at the Firehouse in Newburyport in October. Thank you for a great evening of music.

Nancy McCann (Boxford MA) - August 10, 2009

Glad to see that you coming out with a new CD. Hope to see you at the High Hat.

Doug ( A D Cola Lighting ) (Woonsocket RI) - August 10, 2009

Liv….your show at The Infinity in Norfolk Saturday night was fabulous! SO worth the awesome drive from Canada. Thanks for spotlighting your former students Seth Glier & Liz (+ Sarah Zimmerman)….they were amazine!
Please come back to Toronto soon.

Mark Frankel (Mississauga Ontario) - August 3, 2009

Hi. Caught your show last night at Infinity Music Hall. We enjoyed it very much. I really liked that you promoted your students. You were beaming with pride, and rightfully so. Please tell us there names again. Any recognition they get is well deserved.

Dave Hull (Gaylordsville CT) - August 2, 2009

I just finished readin the notes on your Home Page. Dobro, Fiddle, soft nights of summer…these are words which hit the keynotes to our mutual kindred spiritness. We are hoping to see you in old New Bern, NC where we will welcome you with open arms to visit with the old familiar ghosts of Taylor past and also to new and not so familiar friends.

See you soon…

Rosemary Osterhus (New Bern NC) - August 1, 2009

Hi Livingston, One of these years (maybe this one), you should book a show in Toronto. We’d love to see you live. (Met you at Berklee while my daughter took the Stage Performance Workshop – Maddy, the one who writes great songs).

Can’t wait to listen to your upcoming CD in October

Jaime (Toronto ON) - July 29, 2009

Liv….Looking forward to seeing you in Norfolk, CT next Saturday, the 1st.
You are MORE than worth the drive!<

Mark Frankel (Mississauga ON) - July 22, 2009

I’m listening to your “Life is Good” CD tonight and just wanted to say that I think “Mary Ann” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

Lori Schneiderhan (Minneapolis MN) - July 22, 2009

Hi Liv,
Thoroughly enjoyed your outdoor concert in at Deer Path Park this past. I could only stay for the first hour regrettably, but you performed many of the songs my son Justin and I came to hear. Looking forward to your new release. We always leave your concerts inspired. Life is good!

Ray Sikora (Ogdensburg NJ) - July 19, 2009

Liv, I remember back in 1969– think that was the year– that I saw every single performance of yours at the Boston U. coffee house! I loved your music so much, I bought this album from Apple Records a year later with James’ pic on the front.. figured if it was your brother, he couldn’t be that bad! But, I heard YOU first…

Patricia (Fair Haven NJ) - July 17, 2009

Happened to run into a patient who told me that in the course of his recovery he had discovered the music in the key to his recovery.
He wanted to know if I would like to listen to tune or two. It just happened to be the same Liv Taylor who I snuck out of my Jacobs Pillow
dorm where I was dancing back in the 70’s to sneak a peak at his performance.
Liv lives on 40 years later and splendidly so.
Thanks Liv for this generation too.

cathy g (NYC) - July 16, 2009

Although I’ve enjoyed and admired your music for many years, it was your Living Legends interview that was the best thing to cross my path. You should receive an award for producing such clarity about fame and fortune, offering your true sentiment of observation as the pure separation between fantasy and reality. You have provided something I can FINALLY show my daughter, who, incidentally I had the recent opportunity of exposing the true world of Hollywood. I can’t thank you enough!!!

Gary J. Smith (Wellington FL) - July 14, 2009

We can’t wait to see you at AirVenture in Oshkosh! It’s been way too long since we’ve been to one of your inspiring concerts. This will be our 3 year old’s first Liv Taylor concert!

Karin (aerobatic pilot, Michael Goulian's wife) (Maynard MA) - July 14, 2009

I have adored your music ever since a friend brought me to my first L.T. concert and I was/am forever hooked! I loved your concert at Harvard’s Memorial Hall Christmas concert. Wow! Your voice is exquisite! I am so looking forward to your new CD.

Vara Lipworth (Boston MA) - July 11, 2009

When are you coming back to Lowell House?
We miss your personality

Rob Robertsson (Weymouth MA) - July 10, 2009

My Boyfriend Don can’t wait to see you in Flemington, NJ. It’s all he’s been talking about. Since we met, he plays your music all of the time. It will always hold a spot in my heart from our beginning together. He keeps mentioning when he saw you at the Turning Point in Piermont, NY and various other places…and can’t wait to see you again next week. I’ve been following you on Twitter, although you must have many “followers”. I’m “ksw65″…Don wanted me to say that his ex-wife wound up with almost all of his CD’s and would like to know how to get new ones…He thinks the only way is thru you, I guess he is not familiar with Amazon…Anyway, he is looking forward to Thursday…Me too!

Karen (Demarest NJ) - July 7, 2009

So great to hear you live at Harborfest in Norfolk this past weekend. Hope you make it out our way more often.

Nancy & Rich Randall (Chesapeake VA) - July 6, 2009

You gave a WONDERFUL concert at Cain Park in Cleveland tonight! I DO hope you come back here soon (I’m the Cindi who sang “Loving Arms” with you and Julia in 2005, who said I would twist the right arm to get you back here next Summer again ;-)). If not, I hope you come nearby again soon! Take care. :-)

Cindi (South Euclid OH) - July 2, 2009

I miss being able to go see you in New England! How about I put on a music festival here in Idaho and YOU can headline!!

Dave English (Emmett ID) - June 30, 2009

Please come to Charlotte! I see you will be returning to Chatham NJ, but we have moved to the Charlotte area and it is great down here! (The Evening Muse perhaps?)

Mark Jackson (Huntersville NC) - June 18, 2009

I would really appreciate it if you could put the chords or tabs or WHATEVER for Never Lose Hope! It is such an awesome song! I know that you can’t do much but I would appreciate anything you can… Thank you.

By The Way, Ontario is in between Manitoba and Quebec.

Timothy L. S. Walters (Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada) - June 18, 2009

Livingston, what a fantastic performance we were privileged to attend in Easton! Happy to be a new fan!!!

bruce & carol sheppard (grasonville md) - June 18, 2009

During the 90’s my wife and I lived in New Hampshire and became regulars at the St Anslem Valentines concert. Those were absolutely magical nights and you were always so accommodating after the show. We are back in our home state of Utah now and have been going through Livingston Concert withdrawal. Any chance you’ll ever come west? Thanks always for the stories through music!

Bennett G (Pleasant Grove, UT) - April 22, 2009

Yours was the first album i ever got at 13 !!! wow !

darlene spencer (Easton, Ma USA) - April 17, 2009

I enjoyed your concert last week in Melrose. You were a breath of fresh air…I really appreciate your sense of humor. I hope you visit again.

Joan Glaser (Melrose, MA USA) - April 11, 2009

I met you back in the early ’70s when you performed at Hofstra University on Long Island and will never forget how kind and inclusive you were. It’s nice to still see and hear your presence. Regards, Steven

Steven Rand (Grand Forks, ND USA) - April 2, 2009

I can tell from watching certain videos that you live to inspire and you definitely do that. My father lives in the Berkshires in Mass, so I hope I can get to see you play one day when I’m visiting. I love your bro’s work and I am going to see your nephew, Ben, play in Birmingham on 21st April. Your family have inherited an amazing musical gene and I am so glad you have all decided to harness your talents.

Take care xox

Naomi Tedds (Birmingham, England) - April 1, 2009

I sure needed some inspiration and knew where to look. Often checking your website to see what’s new … gosh, I’m behind because I caught your February note. Yet those are the very words I most needed to read and think about. You write so well and your prose is lyrical. Thanks for being there.

Susan (Kansas City, MO USA) - March 29, 2009

Wonderful fun at Meadowbrook! Thanks for another evening of your captivating music and charming stage presence. So much fun…you never disappoint. Thanks for taking a minute to say hello…always a pleasure to chat after the show! Next time…maybe “Boatman”?

Sue Roraback (Athol, MA USA) - March 29, 2009

Great to see you again tonight – this time in the unique setting of the Cafe at Meadowbrook. The show was great – old favorites, a few favorites-to-be, and a fantastic setting. Thanks for chatting after the show (you are so fantastic about that EVERY time we see you), and I am looking forward to seeing you at the Tupelo soon!

Jason B (Henniker, NH USA) - March 28, 2009

It was a great pleasure sharing the stage with you at The American Music Theatre concert.

Your body of work displays the true craftsmanship and dedication it takes to be a true performer.

I hope to work with you again the future.

Rick Hill - The New Christy Minstrels (Hays, KS USA) - March 17, 2009

Liv, totally enjoyed your concert at American Music Theatre on Friday. I wish you could have had more time on stage. I always go to your concerts whenever you are in the area, or areas like Martha’s Vineyard, Maryland Eastern Shore, etc. Your music brightens up the day. And the evening. And just so you know, you actually were in Lancaster (county and city). Keep singing. Looking forward to your next album!

Laurie Callanan (Lititz, PA USA) - March 16, 2009

Great show last evening(Mar. 13,2009)at the American Music Theater in Lancaster,Pa.Thanks for a great time. Looking forward to other concerts and more fun.

Pam and Bob Holland (Lambertville, N.J. USA) - March 14, 2009

Went to American Music Theatre in Lancaster (county, not city) PA last night, anxious to hear old friends Chad Mitchell Trio & New Christy Minstrels. Came away with a new friend to add to my list of favorites. You were wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and love with us! Looking forward to seeing you again

Donna Reardon (Willow Street, pa USA) - March 14, 2009

Passing through to peek at your tour schedule. I love music so much, one of my new agendas in life is to fill my spare time seeing “wonders” perform like you, and I don’t mind traveling to do so. Can’t wait to see you one day. Peace and blessings always

Cheray (Mission, KS USA) - March 14, 2009

Loved your concert in san diego. thoroughly wonderful. thanks for coming to ca. can you do it again? thanks.

karen (irvine, ca USA) - March 10, 2009

Hi there Mr T :) I just wanted to tell you a little story… when I was about 10 I hijacked a box of records from the mirrored closet under the stairs… it was way in the back and it was like I found a secret treasure.You were in there, as was your brother… Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and Donovan…Elton… anyway I saw your name again in the newspaper recently amidst the Mt. Dora Music Festival and so the day before your show I ordered tickets and invited my Mom :) We had the most wonderful time and what a sweet experience enjoying a show with my Mom who gave me all the best things about me! We expected to like it… we did not expect to laugh from inside though… we left feeling so good. It was just what we needed and I thank you because it truly was a tonic for my traveled soul as well 😉

Smiles and sunshine from Florida,

Chrissy Wesner (Eustis, Fl USA) - March 2, 2009

Your songs have brought me so much wonder, playfulness and joy. I sang along with you when I was single, I sang along with you when I fell in love, I sang your songs through my three babys’ diaper changes and pajama times and now we continue to dance and sing with you every day. Did you know that you where such a good friend to me? ((Thanks))

Barbara (Woodbridge, NJ USA ) - February 28, 2009

Well, I’m a brand new fan of the music of Livingston Taylor! A friend sent me a YouTube video of “Good Friends” and now I’m hooked. Beautiful stuff. Oh, one more thing…is there any chance of a concert here somewhere in Texas? :)

Julie (Corpus Christi, TX USA) - February 26, 2009

Thank you Liv for the best concert in Mt. Dora Fl I have ever been to in my life, It was so personal.. You made me feel alive with inspiration, and motivation with my own music ministry. Your voice was wonderful, the songs are always brilliant, but that guitar sound, was one word ‘WOW”. Thanks for remembering me, it made me feel great and special.You are my favorite. Thank you for being a friend.

Greg Otash (Eustis, Fl USA) - February 23, 2009

Thanks for the wonderful performance at Ruth Eckard Hall in Clearwater. Both my husband I were totally enchanted by your music. Thanks for the hug you gave my very awed husband. Hope to see you again soon.

Elaine Sezna (St. Petersburg, Fl USA) - February 22, 2009

Back in the mid 70s I went to see you play a concert at the Navel Academy in Annapolis, MD. I arrived very early and sat alone out side on a bench. You pulled up w/ your band in a van. You got out and smiled at me and said hello…I was 16 yrs old. You unloaded your equipment then said, “Follow me.” You walked me through the empty men’s room, and got me a seat in the front row. I felt like you sang every song to ME that night….thanks for the sweet memory a teen-aged girl never forgot.

Lynn Fleming (Annapolis, MD USA) - February 9, 2009

Just discovering your music and I love it! I’ve just been listening to the “Last Alaska Moon” over and over again. Cool, calm, crytal, clear.

Miriam (London, UK) - February 9, 2009

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